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This organization is exclusively for and limited to educational, scientific and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Specifically the OCRA mission is to:

  • Encourage the use of Amateur Radio for emergency and welfare communications for the public good.
  • Further the exchange of information on Amateur Radio among members, and between members and the general public.
  • Promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual Amateur Radio operating efficiency.
  • Conduct meetings, classes and other activities of general interest to Amateur Radio operators.

New Memberships:

In accordance with the OCRA Charter of Incorporation, all persons interested in Amateur Radio communications shall be eligible for membership. Membership shall be by application and election as provided in the By-laws.

Not yet licensed? If you are interested in obtaining your amateur radio license and would like to join OCRA, use your “initials-MM-YY” (MM-YY the current month and year) format for the Call Sign field entry, and complete the information requested below. Your contact information will be used for initial email communication with you about meetings and upcoming volunteer examination licensing sessions.

How to Join:

By Online Submission:   Complete the form below and then click on the “Save & Verify” button at the bottom of the page. Your call sign, name and address information will be verified with the FCC license registry. To match up online applications with any PayPal dues payments, your PayPal email address or shipping address should match the data you supply below.

An email will be sent from OCRA to the secure email address you list below confirming receipt of your application, additional membership information and a private access link you can use to further describe your ham radio interests, need for assistance and make an online credit card dues payment via PayPal. Or, attend the next meeting to pay your dues to the club treasurer.

By Mail: Supply the same information requested below with dues payment (write your callsign on and pay by check made out to “Orange County Radio Amateurs,Inc”, P.O. Box 294, Carrboro, NC 27510.

A completed membership application, dues payment or in lieu of dues, qualification for 1st year licensed, one year free membership is required to complete the the process of joining OCRA.

Incomplete applications will be kept on record for 3 months in “Pending” status.

Newly Licensed Hams: If you’re a newly licensed ham, you can claim a free year’s OCRA membership.  Use the same procedure above to create and print a completed membership application page and show your FCC license to the club treasurer at the next club meeting. Be sure to identify yourself as a new licensee during the member introductions at the beginning of the meeting. During the period of COVID-19 social distancing, attend an OCRA Over-the-Air club meeting net or the Monday night 10 meter net and you will receive your free 1st year membership.

Regarding the Email Addresses you provide below and Guidance for Compliance with the 2003 Can-SPAM Federal Law

  1. The membership record email address you list below is for “transactional or relationship” purposes (as defined in the above law) in order for OCRA to:
    • Provide you with a Private Access Key so you can update your OCRA membership profile.
    • Send confirmation to you that your membership dues payments, whether sent by regular mail, PayPal or paid at a club meeting have been received and records updated.
  2. If you so chose, you can elect for the club to send you club bulletins, notices of club meetings, nets, other events, and for secure distribution of ID & Password information for participation in Zoom Video Conferencing that may be part of a club event.
  3. The 2 Step Process:
    • Step 1: You have completed step 1 by you providing your email address below as part of this membership application
    • Step 2: To complete Step 2, access your membership record using your private access key, Select your “Opt IN” / “Opt Out” choices and SAVE YOUR CHANGES.
  4. The “Shared” Email address field is optional and up to you to provide, or not.

Complete the required information fields below, then Click the “Save & Verify” button at the bottom of this page to create your initial profile
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After clicking the above “Save & Verify” button, make sure “Update Successful” appears at the top of this screen.

Any fields in error will be encircled in Red and must be corrected before your entries will be saved.

Recent Posts

Monthly Membership Meeting – December 14, 2020 – 7:30 pm

Platforms Utilized: OCRA UHF Repeater and Zoom.

Meeting Minutes


PRESIDENT’S REPORT – W4SAR (David): Introduction and General Remarks- Good evening all. As has been the case for most of this past year, we are convening tonight’s meeting using both Zoom and UHF repeater platforms rather that our regular in person format. This is being done to conform with statewide requirements for social distancing to deter the spread of Covid 19. Hopefully, with the upcoming availability of the new anti-virus vaccines, this requirement will soon be relaxed and we will be able to have our monthly gatherings at the B’hai center in Efland. As we embark on tonight’s meeting please keep in mind that irrespective of which platform you use, please check into the net using phonetics so that your call may be accurately included on the meeting roster. Also, please be aware that video and audio generated at this meeting is being recorded so that information presented can be accurately included in meeting minutes.

On a different note and as many of you might already be aware, my mother passed away some weeks ago, and I would like to thank those of you who sent well-wishes to my family and me. You will be pleased to know that my father is doing well.

MEMBER CHECK-IN – by  W4SAR (David) Net Control and KR4UB (Dan) Zoom Host Control:

OCRA UHF REPEATER: W4SAR (David), KU4GC (Dee), W4ORD (Ladd), KA1HPM (Nick), KM4MBG (Jack), KF4PAB (Lenore), KZ1X (Steve), KO4DHJ (Ken), KR4UB (Dan), W4BOH (Wilson), KN4BTI (Mark), KA5ETS (Doug), N4JQR (JR), WB1AJJ (Jonathan), KI4MXP (Gerald), KM4WXW (Jeffrey), KD4YJZ (Karen), KR4UB (Dan), KR3AM (Mark), KO4JAW (Mark), KO4ICM (Doug), KI4RAN (Bill), WA4AHR (Dewey), KN4EOO (Richard), and W3AHL (Steve).

ZOOM: N8BR (Bill), NA4VY (Dave), KN4QBZ (Fred), and KR4UB, Dan),

TREASURER’S REPORT: KR4UB (Dan): Current Club Membership stands at 118 (89 current active paid up members, 29 requiring renewal). 24 new members have been added during the past 12 months.

REPEATER REPORTS: KR4UB (Dan): All of the OCRA repeaters are now working and on the air for the first time in 5 years. The 145.230 machine has been moved to a temporary location in Pittsboro.

The OCRA savings and checking account has a good reserve amount available for expenses, as it needs to have for costs we will face in the future.

  • Another repeater needs to be built, a replacement machine on standby and ready to go into service for when the 442.150 repeater high up on the tower eventually fails. The current repeater was installed in February, 2016 and hopefully has another 4 – 5 years or so life left before it eventually fails. While only high reliability components are used to build the OCRA repeaters, the exposure to extreme beyond mil-spec temperatures in the sealed cabinets on the tower eventually takes it toll. 
  • With tower crews now required to replace the machine, a completely self contained ready to go replacement repeater must be available to minimize the tower crew trips and time up on the tower to contain the escalating tower crew costs.
  • A spare Kenwood TKR-850 repeater deck and duplexer are already on hand. Additional parts to complete the spare repeater include another power supply, SCOM 7330 controller, and an additional pass band cavity. The power supply and SCOM controller will cost around $1100 – $1200.  Hopefully a good used pass band cavity filter can be located and purchased.
  • In addition, we have to keep in mind that the 442.150 repeater antenna is the original antenna installed approximately 25 years ago and when it has to be replaced, tower crew and antenna cost could easily be in the $4-5K neighborhood.

KA1HPM (Nick): We installed the 145.230 machine in Pittsboro last Wednesday at a site on Fire Tower Road. The antenna is up at about 130 feet. It is a good installation and many folks are using it. We are also planning for at least two additional towers in Chatham County.


  1. Field Day: The scores for the 2020 ARRL Field Day are now posted in QST and on the ARRL website. OCRA did very well and placed 9th among clubs submitting aggregate scores. Noteworthy is the fact that our primary regular competitor, a station in California, placed 32nd. Club certificates for member participation will be prepared and handed out at a future meeting.
  2. Elections: Club elections will be held at the next meeting in January. Positions that will be available include that of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Board Member. Individuals currently occupying those positions have indicated that they are willing to continue. Specifically, our current president, David (W4SAR) indicated that he would be willing to continue in that post but will step down after another term. Ladd, W4ORD, is willing to continue as vice president, Bill (N8BR) is willing to continue as secretary. Dan (KR4UB) is willing to continue as treasurer but will step down from the repeater responsibilities he has also carried for over 20 years. He will continue to manage the club website, provide technical support to those taking responsibility for the club’s repeaters and work on club recruitment. Finally, Karen (KD4YJZ) is willing to continue as board member. Prior to our next membership meeting I will prepare ballots and circulate instructions for the election.
  3. Code of Conduct for Club Repeaters: Most repeater sponsoring clubs have developed documents that define organizational expectations for appropriate conduct during use of its repeater(s). OCRA should be no exception. Therefore, your OCRA board will be discussing the issue with the desired outcome of producing a draft document for club discussion, revision and potential adoption. Note: Input from KM4MBG (Jack) indicated that these discussions are also going on in DFMA (Durham FM Association), and focused on a code of conduct that covers all club activities rather than just those pertaining to the use of repeaters.
  4. Future Meetings: There will be a meeting of the OCRA Executive Board next Monday at 7:30 PM.

ADJOURNMENT: Meeting Adjourned at 8:45p.m.


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