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New Applicant or Current Member Member Access Request

Current Members

Submit your call sign currently displayed in the membership listing in the field below to request your access. If you have recently upgraded your license including a call sign change, or issued a new vanity call sign, be sure to change your call sign data field when you update your membership record.

New Membership Applicants and 1st Year Free Club Membership Applicants

You must first contact the OCRA secretary at  before you can enter your membership application data. Upon verification of your license data in the FCC ULS system the secretary will notify you by email that the system is ready to accept your access request. Upon receipt of the access link, complete your membership application.

1st year free memberships will be added to the club membership listing after you have attended your first OCRA meeting. Be sure to identify yourself as a new licensee during the member introductions at the beginning of the meeting.