About E-mail Notices for OCRA Club Meetings, Nets and Zoom Meetings

As part of the Amateur Radio hobby developing proficiency in the various communication methods we have at our disposal is part of the hobby.

In that vein, the following are activities that OCRA strongly encourages participation to maintain contact and keep our communication skills current. Key to the following events are emails sent out to interested participants not only as a reminder of the event, but also access information needed for the associated Zoom session.

  1. The monthly club meetings are at the Efland Baha’i Center and also can be attended using Zoom.
  2. The long tradition of the weekly OCRA Monday Night 10 Meter Net on 28.450MHz continues and also includes a Zoom session.
  3. The OCRA Saturday morning AuxComm (Auxiliary Communications) net on the 442.150MHz repeater at 9:30am is open to all to check-in for announcements, training, and brief comments. An optional Zoom “rag-chew” session before and after the net is also available.
  4. A special interest “Ham-Pi” group meets once per month on Zoom and sometimes includes tours of member locations where computer, home automation, and a variety of ham interest projects are on display.

It is your choice and your actions that determine whether you will receive notices of the above events by email. The Federal Can-SPAM law enacted in 2003, requires any organization including OCRA, to provide Opt-In / Opt-Out provisions to the recipients of any mass emailing.

Your club membership profile includes 4 Opt-In / Opt Out email options for you to choose to receive notications for the above listed Nets & Zoom gatherings. Use your membership profile access key to update yor membership profile and choose the events you wish to receive the notices which includes the Zoom session ID and password. Your email Opt-In / Opt – Out options appears as follows in your membership profile.

For all of the above to work, you must keep your OCRA membership profile up to date with your current email address.

Lastly a word about SPAM filters

If you are not receiving email notices to OCRA meetings you Opt’d-In to receive, AND your membership email address is current, check your SPAM filter for any missing messages.

SPAM filters are far from perfect and can flag legitimate emails as SPAM. Emails distributed by OCRA are routinely checked with against the top 24 of the most commonly used SPAM filters to ensure there is no content wording and that the necessary authentication records are in place. Unfortunately several internet service providers use SPAM filters that are not properly maintained.