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Call SignFirst NameLast NameCityStateInterests
KN4OSV Ashley Vernon Kittrell NC





Join OCRA! Ask for a new member application form. Don’t have cash or cheekbook with you tonight? Return your completed application form to join OCRA; you will be listed on the membership with a “Pending” status. Dues can be payed by credit card on the OCRA website at, or at the next meeting. 1st time attendees from a recent OCRA VE test session receive a 1st year OCRA membership for free.

Total Records Found: 109
Call SignFirst NameLast NameStatusPaid Thru1st JoinNewInterestsAssistance Needed
W3AHL Steve Ahlbom Current Apr.2020 Mar.2009 - - - Antennas, APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SSB, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm
KW4KZ Chuck Anoia Renew Dec.2018 Jun.2015 - - -
KN4CSN Michael Austin Renew Mar.2019 Mar.2018 - - - Field Day, Public Service
W4JWA James Austin Current Jul.2020 Mar.2018 - - - Digital, Field Day
N4GF Roger Barr Current Apr.2020 Jul.2015 - - - Antennas, Contesting, Mobile Ops
NA4VY David Belt Current Oct.2019 Jan.2001 - - - Install, Wire Antenna
N4RME Frank Berry Renew Jul.2018 Jul.2017 - - -
AK4W Ed Best Current Sep.2019 Sep.2011 - - - APRS, antennas
N8BR Bill Bischoff Current Feb.2020 Jan.2015 - - - Antennas, CW, Field Day, Remote Station Ops, SSB, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m Operate, HF Station, Vehicle Antenna, Multiband, Tower, 160m
N4CCT George Bohannon Current Aug.2019 Mar.2011 - - -
KM4MDR John Boone Current Apr.2020 Aug.2015 - - - DX, Field Day
KS4VX Roger Boyles Current Mar.2020 Dec.2012 - - - Antennas, Contesting, Digital, DX, Remote Station Ops, SSB, 80m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m, 2m, HF propagation
KF4EUT Gwen Boyles Current Mar.2020 Dec.2012 - - -
KA5JUJ Martin Brody Renew Apr.2019 Jul.2016 - - - Antennas, DX, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m Operate, HF Station, Wire Antenna
KN4DRN Michael Canada Current May.2020 May.2018 - - - Antennas, DX, Mobile Ops, Remote Station Ops, Repeaters, Satellite Ops
W4ORD Lad Carrington Current Jun.2020 Aug.1992 - - - Antennas, ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, CW, DX, Field Day, Repeater Crew, SSB, Vintage Radio, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 2m, 70cm
KK4BPH Mike Carwile Current Feb.2020 Apr.2011 - - - Antennas
WX4WNC Adam Caudill Current Feb.2020 May.2018 - - - Auxcomm, Digital
KN4JYP Kathy Chavis Current Jul.2019 Jul.2018 New Antennas, ARES, CW, Field Day, Public Service, Remote Station Ops, Satellite Ops, SOTA, SSB, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm Operate, HF Station, Mobile Unit, Remote Station, Wire Antenna, Stealth Antenna, Connectors, Tower, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m
KM4IQX Michael Close Renew Nov.2018 Nov.2015 - - -
KM4IRF Jay Condie Renew Apr.2019 Apr.2015 - - -
KN4PAL Forrest Covington Current Oct.2019 Oct.2018 New SSB, 10m, 6m, antennas
K3TD Thaddeus Danley Expiring Jun.2018 Jun.2015 - - -
KM4NOU Joel Dunn Current Jan.2020 Jan.2016 - - - Mobile Ops, Nets/Net Control, Repeaters, 40m
KR4UB Dan Eddleman Current Jun.2020 Apr.1993 - - - Antennas, Digital, DX, Field Day, Foxhunting, Repeater Crew, SDR, SSB, 40m, 20m, 17m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm, FT-8 Builder/Maintainer of OCRA repeaters for 20 years; Need new hams to fullfill this role. Time, skill building, & long term commitment required.
KJ4GDW Wayne Estabrooks Lifetime Feb.2009 - - -
N4LRS Matthew Everett Expired May.2018 Aug.2015 - - -
N6LUZ Skip Fisher Current Oct.2020 Jan.2004 - - -
KM4LBW Chris Florio Expired May.2018 Apr.2017 - - -
WA2JLW Roy Forrest Current Jul.2019 Jul.2012 - - -
K4FHI Robert Glenn Current Feb.2020 Jun.2003 - - -
N2PCC Kurt Grandis Renew Apr.2019 Mar.2018 - - -
KX4P John Green Current Feb.2020 Feb.2014 - - -
N3TXU Bryan Greenawalt Renew Jan.2019 Jan.2012 - - -
KN4EVB Andy Grubbs Renew Oct.2018 Oct.2017 - - - DX, Mobile Ops, Public Service, Disaster Prep
W2STU Stuart Gulker Current Feb.2020 Feb.2019 New
K4ITL Danny Hampton Lifetime Apr.2009 - - -
K0STV Steven Harris Current Apr.2020 Apr.2020 New Antennas, DX, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, SSB, 40m, 30m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 2m, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio Stealth Antenna
KM4MBG Jack Hill Renew Apr.2019 Aug.2015 - - -
KF4PAB Lenore Hill Renew Apr.2019 Feb.2016 - - -
KG4EDY Thomas Hillery Current Aug.2019 Apr.2011 - - -
KE4YRB Joline Hodges Current Mar.2020 Feb.1999 - - -
KE4NBB Ted Hodges Current Mar.2020 Feb.1999 - - -
KE4MSW Victor Hoffman Current Mar.2020 Mar.2020 New
WA4PSC Howie Hoyt Renew Mar.2019 Jun.2010 - - -
KM4WHL Sarah Hoyt Renew Mar.2019 Feb.2017 - - -
N1GMR Kimberly Jackson Current Mar.2020 Feb.1992 - - -
KZ1X Steve Jackson Current Mar.2020 Feb.1992 - - -
KM4WXW Jeffrey Jagoda Current Dec.2019 Nov.2019 New Auxcomm, Field Day, Public Service
KG4NEL Jim Jingozian Expired May.2018 Aug.2001 - - -
WB8USJ Joseph Johnston Renew Jan.2019 Jan.2018 - - -
KI4MXP Gerrald Jones Current Aug.2020 Nov.2006 - - -
KK4MEG Albert Jones Current Jun.2021 Jan.2015 - - -
KJ4MDB Bill Kavanaugh, Jr Expired May.2018 May.2017 - - -
AC4RD Ken Kenzenski Renew Nov.2018 Oct.2012 - - - APRS, Contesting, DX, Mobile Ops, antennas
W4BOH Wilson Lamb Renew May.2019 Sep.2008 - - - Antennas, ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, CW, DX, Field Day, Public Service, Repeater Crew, Vintage Radio, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 2m, 70cm, Offering help with HF tube operation
W4MDL Michael LeCates Renew Feb.2019 Feb.2018 - - -
KD4OFG Jackie Little Current Dec.2019 Feb.1992 - - -
N4ZAK Robert Little Current Dec.2019 Feb.1992 - - -
KK4NNQ Mark MacAllister Current Aug.2019 Aug.2013 - - -
KN4BTI Mark McClish Current Aug.2019 Aug.2018 New Public Service, antennas
N1LN Bruce Meier Current Feb.2020 Jul.2006 - - - Antennas, ARES, Contesting, CW, DX, Field Day, Public Service, SSB, 160m, 80m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m
N1YXU Laurie Meier Current Feb.2020 Jul.2006 - - - ARES, CERT, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service
KK4VUR John Mitchell Current Jan.2020 Jan.2017 - - -
N6WJM Jim Musson Current May.2020 Apr.2019 - - - Build, HF Station, Wire Antenna
W4AEN Ed Neely Current May.2020 May.2019 New Antennas, APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, Digital, DX, Field Day, Foxhunting, 80m, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m Decision, Install, Wire Antenna, Feedline, Grounding
K1OC Tony O'Connor Current Sep.2019 Sep.2013 - - -
KN4QOT David Parker, Jr. Current Dec.2019 Dec.2018 New APRS, Auxcomm, Contesting, Digital, DX, Field Day, Mobile Ops, Public Service, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SOTA, antennas
KV4ZR Loren Peters Current Dec.2020 Jul.2014 - - - CW, Digital, DX, QRP (Low Power), Remote Station Ops, Satellite Ops, SDR, SSB, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm
KK4MEK David Pollock Current Dec.2019 Mar.2013 - - -
KG4CFX Christopher Pope Current Apr.2020 Jan.2001 - - - ARES, Auxcomm, DMR, Field Day, Foxhunting, Mobile Ops, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, QRP (Low Power), Repeaters, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm
KM4JZA Michael Quinn Expired May.2018 Apr.2017 - - -
KU4GC Dee Ramm Current Feb.2020 Jul.1997 - - - Antennas, Digital, DX, paper chase
W4MKR MK Ramm Current Feb.2020 Jul.1997 - - -
WB4OSU Sherri Rapp Current Aug.2019 Dec.2015 - - - Digital, Field Day, 40m, PSK-31, FT-8
N4KW Pete Raymond Current Apr.2020 Apr.2018 - - - Antennas, Contesting, CW, DX, Field Day, 160m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 15m, antennas
N2XZF Paul Robertson Current Apr.2020 Apr.2014 - - - Antennas, DMR, DX, Field Day, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, 20m, 10m Wire Antenna
WA4BVY Terry Rogers Current Oct.2019 Oct.2009 - - -
KK4JGT Terry Schmidt Renew Jan.2019 Feb.2016 - - -
KE4LYK Charles Schoon Current May.2020 May.2017 - - - Contesting, DX, Field Day, Public Service, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, antennas, mobile, 3D art software, computer programming, electronics, politics
KD4AGQ Dan Sears Current Aug.2019 Oct.1992 - - -
NE4U John Shadle Lifetime May.2007 - - -
KA2WDL Philip Sheridan Expired May.2018 May.2017 - - - ARES, Contesting, DX, Field Day, Mobile Ops, Public Service, Repeaters, Getting started Decision, Mobile Unit
KR3AM Mark Sidell Current May.2020 Apr.2014 - - -
K4SAR Joe Simpson Current Mar.2020 Oct.1992 - - -
K4PHS Peter Slugg Renew May.2019 Feb.2009 - - - APRS, Field Day
W4SAR Dave Snyder Renew Apr.2019 Oct.1992 - - -
KD4YJZ Karen Snyder Renew Apr.2019 Oct.1992 - - - ARES, CERT, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, 10m Operate
W1KES Keith Stouder Current Mar.2020 Jan.2015 - - - CW, DX, Field Day, SOTA, SSB, 40m, 20m
KA2SBC Kathleen Stowell Current Jan.2020 Dec.2009 - - -
K1ZW Larry Stowell Current Jan.2020 Dec.2009 - - -
KA1HPM Nick Szydlek Current Nov.2020 Jun.2015 - - -
KJ4VWG Sam Tannous Renew May.2019 Apr.2011 - - - APRS, ARES, Contesting, Digital, Remote Station Ops, SDR, ADS-B, Radio Astronomy, NEC2 Internals
WA4AHR Dewey Thompson Current Apr.2020 Oct.1992 - - -
W4AIR Daryl Thompson Current Jul.2019 Jun.2018 New Antennas, DX, Mobile Ops, 20m
KK4PH Lowell Tieszen Renew Feb.2019 Apr.2009 - - -
Aurora Toennisson Current Jun.2020 Jun.2019 - - - APRS, CERT, Public Service, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio Build, Fix, Install, Operate, Want classes teaching ham radio
KA2DEW Tadd Torborg Current Aug.2019 Jul.2007 - - - Repeaters, Vhf Packet Radio
KN4EON Robert Vick Renew Aug.2018 Aug.2017 - - -
KW4XL David Vielbaum Renew Sep.2018 Feb.2017 - - -
KN4EOO Richard Wenklar Current Aug.2019 Aug.2017 - - - Auxcomm, CERT, DMR, Mobile Ops, Public Service, Repeaters
KA5ETS Doug White Current Mar.2020 Aug.2011 - - - CW, Digital, antennas, FT8
KW4JY Calvin Whitt Current May.2020 Aug.1992 - - - digital, antennas
KG4PFB Lisa Woodward Current Dec.2019 Nov.2001 - - -
K3VSA Woody Woodward Current Dec.2019 Nov.2001 - - -
W4LMW David Wright Current Jun.2020 May.2018 - - - Antennas, ARES, Field Day, Mobile Ops, Public Service, SDR, 2m Install, Operate, Mobile Unit, Tower, 2m
W4KIL Andy Yates Current Feb.2020 Oct.2008 - - -
AI4MW Tommy Yeager Current Mar.2020 Jan.1999 - - -
K4AAI Jay Zaragoza Current Jun.2020 Jun.2020 New Antennas, SSB, Vintage Radio Beam Antenna, Wire Antenna, Connectors, Grounding, Tower, Getting back on air

Total: 109, Current: 74, Pending: 0, Renewal Needed: 25 Expiring: 1, Expired: 6, Lifetime:  3
New Members: 11


Recent Posts

OCRA Membership Meeting – May 13, 2019

Treasurer Report:

Dan (KR4UB) Balance is still strong, current membership is 67 with 30 needing renewing.   The cost for maintaining our repeater is increasing. The high cost of tower climbers is one reason OCRA maintains a heathy financial balance.  You can easily assist in keeping our financial balance strong.  For those who purchase from Amazon and want to add to OCRA’s coffers, Amazon Smile donates 0.5% to eligible charitable organizations.  For more information, please visit the following site.

DurHam Fest:

The 45th Annual Durham Fest occurs over Memorial Weekend.  OCRA will provide a table to sell members items.  We would ask for a small donation or percentage of sales to off-set the cost of the table.  Admission is $5 and prizes may be won.  For more information, please scroll down for more information.


The OCRA 442.150 MHz PL 131.8 repeater is programmed to notify the club of cancellation due to poor weather.  We encourage all members to listen for announcements and check the email reflector if storms are present on meeting days.

Field Day – June 22-23:

Field day will again be hosted on Wilson’s (W4BOH) property over the weekend of June 22-23. 

Bruce (N1LN) Station setup will occur on Friday, June 21.  Band captains are responsible for procuring the necessary bill of material and station coverage throughout the event. Please register your station of interest and availability on the website under Events, OCRA/DFMA Field Day Signup Summary.  Again, Elecraft radios are the standard for this year.  Band captains that borrowed radios last year need to ensure their availability again this year.

Bruce will provide N1MM logging software instruction training in June.

Steve (W3AHL) mentioned wireless connectivity for multiple computers with N1MM is difficult to manage.  However with the laptops donated for Field Day by Adam Caudill (WX4WNC) this will be much easier. Thanks to Adam!  The computers will contain a standard configuration image, providing a more stable and consistent approach for management.  

Bruce will provide N1MM software training in June.  Elecraft radios are rig of choice, making interfacing and configuration easier.

John (KM4MDR) will be facilitating Potluck on Friday around 6:00 PM night.  Saturday 5:00 dinner and Sunday breakfast. Attendees will need to prepay for meals. Please see payment options and meal details on the 2019 Field Day post.

Field Day Materials – Operators may want to have present the following as conditions are likely to be hot and humid.

  1.  Helmet – if assisting with tower construction and placement
  2.  Gloves
  3.  Safety kit
  4. Water bottle
  5. Bug spray
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Hat
  8. Smile
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