Membership Status Listing (including Expired Memberships over the Past 12 Months)

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New Member Application/Pending Status

Awaiting Dues Payment to complete the process of joining OCRA.

Membership Status Listing (including Expired Memberships over the Past 12 Months)

Total Records Found: 136
CallsignFirstLastPaid ThruStatus_
KF4O Randy Adams Sep.2024 Current
W3AHL Steve Ahlbom Apr.2024 Expired
KW4EE Kevin Alt Mar.2025 Current
W4OFZ Banks Anderson Sep.2024 Current
KW4KZ Charles Anoia Sep.2023 Expired
KW4KZ/XYL Mary Anoia Sep.2023 Expired
KM4IWI William Bailey Dec.2024 Current
N4GF Roger Barr Apr.2026 Current
NA4VY David Belt Mar.2024 Expired
AK4W Ed Best Sep.2024 Current
KO4DHJ Ken Bigley Jul.2025 Current
N8BR Bill Bischoff Jun.2025 Current
KF4WBK Chip Blach Sep.2024 Current
KN4QCC Onda Blevins Jul.2023 Expired
KM4MDR John Boone Apr.2025 Current
KF4COP Jim Boyle Sep.2024 Current
KS4VX Roger Boyles Oct.2023 Expired
KQ4RRN Eric Braschwitz May.2025 Current
KA5JUJ Martin Brody Nov.2024 Current
KQ4BYL Jody Browning Jan.2025 Current
K4GEF RICHARD L Bryson May.2025 Current
KF5CYN Derek Burrage Feb.2025 Current
KN4DRN Michael Canada Sep.2024 Current
KD8FQM Robert Carr Apr.2024 Expired
KN4VDO Devin Ceartas Mar.2024 Expired
KN4JYP Kathy Chavis Jul.2024 Current
KQ4DCE John Colli Sep.2023 Expired
KO4QLU Patrick Connelly Jan.2025 Current
W4FK Bob Cook Oct.2024 Current
KO4RON Ron Craig Jan.2025 Current
KI4RAN William Creery Jan.2025 Current
K4LIF Dan Daniel Aug.2024 Current
K1KPD Kevin Darby Jan.2025 Current
W4CFO Jim Davis Nov.2023 Expired
K2RRT Mark DeWitt Jul.2023 Expired
W4AG Stan Dicks Mar.2024 Expired
WA1QCE Ron DiSalvo Nov.2024 Current
KM4NOU Joel Dunn Jan.2025 Current
KR4UB Dan Eddleman Feb.2025 Current
N4KF Ken Fath Mar.2025 Current
WF4ZT John Feole Oct.2024 Current
KY4OU Christopher Ferrer Dec.2024 Current
WA2JLW Roy Forrest Sep.2023 Expired
KO4CSW Robert Furberg Mar.2024 Expired
N1QYW Steve Gartrell Nov.2024 Current
W4QL Bob Good Jul.2024 Current
KX4P John Green Sep.2024 Current
K2IX Barry Groner Feb.2025 Current
KD4JWF Jose Guzman Oct.2024 Current
KN4QBZ Fred Gvillo Oct.2025 Current
Charles Charles Harris Apr.2025 Current
KM4MBG Jack Hill Apr.2025 Current
KF4PAB Lenore Hill Apr.2025 Current
KE4YRB Joline Hodges Apr.2025 Current
KE4NBB Ted Hodges Apr.2025 Current
N4JHH Joseph Horvath Mar.2024 Expired
WA4PSC Howard Hoyt Apr.2025 Current
KM4WHL Sarah Hoyt Mar.2024 Expired
KO4GJO Boyd Hudson Sep.2024 Current
Greg Isley Greg Isley Jan.2025 Current
N1GMR Kimberley Jackson Mar.2025 Current
KZ1X Steve Jackson Mar.2025 Current
KM4WXW Jeffrey Jagoda Dec.2024 Current
KG4NEL Jim Jingozian Mar.2025 Current
KI4MXP Gerald Jones Aug.2025 Current
KK4MEG Albert Jones Jan.2026 Current
KQ4JDJ Jere Judd Feb.2025 Current
AC4RD Ken Kuzenski May.2025 Current
W4BOH Wilson Lamb Mar.2025 Current
K4OGP Chris Lamb Jun.2025 Current
KO4ICM Doug Largent Mar.2025 Current
KO4TXN Steve Lovett Sep.2024 Current
KK4NNQ Mark MacAllister Aug.2024 Current
WQ8U Mac Macaulay Apr.2025 Current
KV7D Adriano Marquz Sep.2023 Expired
KK4VOU Ted May Jan.2025 Current
KN4BTI Mark McClish Nov.2023 Expired
KY4HU Charles McComas Mar.2025 Current
K4KGM Kevin Medlin Oct.2023 Expired
N1LN Bruce Meier Feb.2025 Current
N1YXU Laurie Meier Feb.2025 Current
WB1AJJ Jonathan Meigs Apr.2025 Current
KQ4IWB Mike Merzke Jul.2024 Current
KO4UFU Eldon Miller Dec.2024 Current
KK4VUR John Mitchell Jan.2025 Current
KQ4GKB Nyi Myint Mar.2025 Current
KQ4FCA Alice Neebe Apr.2025 Current
W4AEN Ed Neely Oct.2025 Current
KJ4TTU Steve Newton Jan.2025 Current
KQ4PES Kent Overby Mar.2025 Current
KV4ZR Loren Peters May.2025 Current
KG4JGJ Joseph Puentes Jul.2024 Current
KU4GC Dee Ramm Apr.2025 Current
WB4OSU Sherri Rapp Nov.2024 Current
N4KW Pete Raymond Apr.2025 Current
N7RYN Ryan Reed Mar.2025 Current
KN4VXC Leo Reynolds Jun.2025 Current
KB3ZD Glenn Ricart Mar.2025 Current
N2XZF Paul Robertson Apr.2025 Current
KC1TWR Tim Rodgers Mar.2025 Current
KO4TVC Diana Rodriguez Oct.2023 Expired
KK4JGT Terry Schmidt Feb.2025 Current
N0US Paul Schnoes Sep.2024 Current
KE4LYK Charles Schoon Jun.2025 Current
KD4UCZ Charles Schott Jan.2025 Current
K4BMW Brian Shanahan Jan.2025 Current
KO4SZE Bob Shelton Sep.2024 Current
KR3AM Mark Sidell May.2025 Current
K4SAR Joe Simpson May.2025 Current
WZ4BSS Brad Sitton May.2025 Current
W7GBP Michael D Smith May.2025 Current
W4SAR Dave Snyder Jun.2025 Current
KD4YJZ Karen Snyder Jun.2025 Current
K3EYH Bob Steen May.2025 Current
KK4RRT Michael Stein Sep.2024 Current
W1KES Keith Stouder Mar.2025 Current
KY4SX Domingo Tabangcura Dec.2023 Expired
KJ4VWG Sam Tannous May.2025 Current
W4AIR Daryl Thompson Apr.2025 Current
KN4ZHP Mike Thorn Jan.2025 Current
KN4VXB Aurora Toennisson Jun.2025 Current
KA2DEW Tadd Torborg Aug.2023 Expired
K6LZL Wyatt Underwood May.2025 Current
N3LTV Doug Wall Jul.2025 Current
N4SJW John Welton Jul.2024 Current
KN4EOO Rick Wenklar Aug.2024 Current
KA5ETS Douglas White Jul.2024 Current
KW4JY Calvin Whitt Sep.2024 Current
KO4BHX Ben Williams Mar.2025 Current
K4FD Dan Wise Nov.2024 Current
JRW-01-93 Jason Wolonick Oct.2024 Current
KQ4PEC Mike Woods Mar.2025 Current
W4LMW David Wright Mar.2025 Current
W4KIL Andy Yates Feb.2025 Current
AI4MW Tommy Yeager Mar.2025 Current
K4AAI Jay Zaragoza Mar.2024 Expired