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New Member Application/Pending Status

Awaiting Dues Payment or, introduce yourself as newly licensed at the next OCRA club meeting or when checking into an Over-the-Air Club Meeting for free 1st year membership

Call Sign1st NameLast NameOCRA_Mbr_Recorded_Introduce_Yourself_ Ham_Radio_Interest_Areas_Assistance Needed_
AE6KL Michael Bartos Pending Sep.2020 Hi. I recently moved here from California. Although I have an extra class license, there's much I don't know so I would like to learn from the more active amateurs. I'm a casual user, No contesting, maybe occ CQ. First licensed 2002. I have a Yaesu Mark V ft 1000mp. 200 watts barefoot into an inverted V wire dipole about 50 feet up. I have a 2m Kenwood handheld. I see I need to get a 70 cm radio to do the net. I'm married, retired now so I have more time.
GP-06-20 Gerald Poe Pending Jun.2020
JS-07-20 John Simmons Pending Jul.2020

Current Membership Listing

Call Sign1st NameLast NameOCRA_Mbr_Paid_Thru_1st_Join_New_Ham_Radio_Interest_Areas_Assistance Needed_
W3AHL Steve Ahlbom Current Apr.2021 Mar.2009 . . . Antennas, APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SSB, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm
W4JWA James Austin Renew Jul.2020 Mar.2018 . . . Digital, Field Day
KM4IWI William Bailey Renew Sep.2020 May.2015 . . .
N4GF Roger Barr Current Apr.2021 Jul.2015 . . . Antennas, Contesting, Mobile Ops
NA4VY David Belt Renew Oct.2020 Jan.2001 . . . Install, Wire Antenna
WB4JMB Jeanette Benjey Renew Oct.2020 Oct.2019 New
WB4WGB Bill Benjey Renew Oct.2020 Oct.2019 New
AK4W Ed Best Current Sep.2021 Sep.2011 . . . APRS, Toantennas
KO4DHJ Ken Bigley Current May.2021 May.2020 New
N8BR Bill Bischoff Current Feb.2021 Jan.2015 . . . Antennas, CW, Field Day, Remote Station Ops, SSB, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m Operate, HF Station, Vehicle Antenna, Multiband, Tower, 160m
KN4QCC Onda Blevins Current Jun.2021 Jun.2019 . . . Antennas, Field Day, Mobile Ops, Remote Station Ops, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio Operate, Mobile Unit, Remote Station
N4CCT George Bohannon Renew Aug.2020 Mar.2011 . . .
KM4MDR John Boone Current Apr.2021 Aug.2015 . . . DX, Field Day
KS4VX Roger Boyles Current Mar.2021 Dec.2012 . . . Antennas, Contesting, Digital, DX, Remote Station Ops, SSB, 80m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m, 2m, HF propagation
KF4EUT Gwen Boyles Renew Mar.2020 Dec.2012 . . .
KA5JUJ Martin Brody Current Apr.2021 Jul.2016 . . . Antennas, DX, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m Operate, HF Station, Wire Antenna
KN4DRN Michael Canada Current May.2021 May.2018 . . . Antennas, DX, Mobile Ops, Remote Station Ops, Repeaters, Satellite Ops
W4ORD Lad Carrington Renew Jun.2020 Aug.1992 . . . Antennas, ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, CW, DX, Field Day, Repeater Crew, SSB, Vintage Radio, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 2m, 70cm
KK4BPH Mike Carwile Current Oct.2021 Apr.2011 . . . Antennas
WX4WNC Adam Caudill Renew Feb.2020 May.2018 . . . Auxcomm, Digital
KN4JYP Kathy Chavis Current Jul.2021 Jul.2018 . . . Antennas, ARES, CW, Field Day, Public Service, Remote Station Ops, Satellite Ops, SOTA, SSB, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm Operate, HF Station, Mobile Unit, Remote Station, Wire Antenna, Stealth Antenna, Connectors, Tower, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m
KN4PAL Forrest Covington Expiring Oct.2019 Oct.2018 . . . SSB, 10m, 6m, antennas
KN4SVO John Cowan Renew Jun.2020 Jun.2019 . . .
K3TD Tad Danley Current Sep.2021 Jun.2015 . . . Antennas, Contesting, CW, Mobile Ops, Remote Station Ops, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SSB, 6m
W4CFO Jim Davis Current Nov.2020 Oct.2019 New Auxcomm, Public Service, QRP (Low Power), Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SDR, Vintage Radio
K2RRT Mark Dewitt Current Jul.2022 Jun.2020 New Antennas, ARES, CERT, Foxhunting, Mobile Ops, QRP (Low Power), Repeaters, SSB, 80m, 40m, 20m, 10m, 1.25m, 70cm, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio Build, Decision, HF Station, Mobile Unit, Wire Antenna, Stealth Antenna, Vehicle Antenna, Grounding, Multiband, 80m, 40m, 20m, 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm
KN4VQK Randy Down Current Jan.2021 Jan.2020 New
KM4NOU Joel Dunn Current Jan.2021 Jan.2016 . . . Mobile Ops, Nets/Net Control, Repeaters, 40m
KR4UB Dan Eddleman Current Feb.2022 Apr.1993 . . . Antennas, Digital, DX, Field Day, Foxhunting, Remote Station Ops, Repeater Crew, SDR, SSB, 40m, 20m, 17m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm, FT-8 Builder/Maintainer of OCRA repeaters for 20 years; Need new hams to fullfill this role. Time, skill building, & long term commitment required.
KS9F Don Elsner Current May.2021 Apr.2020 New Antennas, APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, CW, Digital, DMR, Public Service, QRP (Low Power), Satellite Ops, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm, DSTAR, C4FM
KB1WE Wayne Estabrooks Lifetime Feb.2009 . . .
N4KF Ken Fath Current Mar.2021 Mar.2020 New Antennas, APRS, ARES, CERT, CW, Digital, Public Service, SSB, Vintage Radio, 160m, 80m, 40m
N6LUZ Skip Fisher Renew Oct.2020 Jan.2004 . . .
WA2JLW Roy Forrest Current Jul.2021 Jul.2012 . . .
KO4CSW Robert Furberg Current Mar.2021 Mar.2020 New ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, Field Day, Public Service
K4FHI Robert Glenn Renew Feb.2020 Jun.2003 . . .
KX4P John Green Current Feb.2021 Feb.2014 . . .
W2STU Stuart Gulker Renew Feb.2020 Feb.2019 . . .
KN4QBZ Fred Gvillo Current Oct.2022 Feb.2020 New
KC1BVL Robley Hall Current Jun.2021 Jun.2020 New Antennas, APRS, CERT, Digital, DMR, DX, Field Day, Mobile Ops, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, QRP (Low Power), Remote Station Ops, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SDR, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm Build, Decision, Install, HF Station, Wire Antenna, Vehicle Antenna, Connectors, Feedline, Multiband, Tuner
K4ITL Danny Hampton Lifetime Apr.2009 . . .
K0STV Steven Harris Renew Apr.2020 Apr.2019 . . . Antennas, DX, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, SSB, 40m, 30m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 2m, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio Stealth Antenna
KM4MBG Jack Hill Current Apr.2021 Aug.2015 . . . Antennas, APRS, Digital, Mobile Ops, Nets/Net Control, Remote Station Ops, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SDR
KF4PAB Lenore Hill Current Apr.2021 Feb.2016 . . . APRS, Field Day, Repeaters, 2m, 70cm
KE4YRB Joline Hodges Current Mar.2021 Feb.1999 . . .
KE4NBB Ted Hodges Current Mar.2021 Feb.1999 . . .
KE4MSW Victor Hoffman Renew Mar.2020 Mar.2019 . . .
KO4GOK Joseph Horvath Current Sep.2021 Aug.2020 New Antennas, APRS, ARES, CERT, Digital, DMR, Foxhunting, Mobile Ops, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SSB, Vintage Radio, 10m, 2m, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio HF Station
WA4PSC Howie Hoyt Current Nov.2021 Jun.2010 . . .
KM4WHL Sarah Hoyt Current Nov.2021 Feb.2017 . . .
KO4GJO Boyd Hudson Current Aug.2021 Aug.2020 New
N1GMR Kimberly Jackson Current Mar.2021 Feb.1992 . . .
KZ1X Steve Jackson Current Mar.2021 Feb.1992 . . .
KM4WXW Jeffrey Jagoda Current Dec.2020 Nov.2018 . . . Auxcomm, Field Day, Public Service
KG4NEL Jim Jingozian Current Jun.2021 Aug.2001 . . .
KI4MXP Gerald Jones Current Aug.2025 Nov.2006 . . .
KK4MEG Albert Jones Current Jun.2021 Jan.2015 . . .
KK4CKN Elaina Kenyon Current May.2021 Apr.2020 New
AC4RD Ken Kuzenski Current Apr.2021 Oct.2012 . . . Antennas, Contesting, CW, Digital, DX, Mobile Ops, QRP (Low Power), 15m, 12m
W4BOH Wilson Lamb Current Jan.2021 Sep.2008 . . . Antennas, ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, CW, DX, Field Day, Public Service, Repeater Crew, SOTA, Vintage Radio, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 2m, 70cm, Offering help with HF tube operation
N2JBI Paul Leboeuf Renew Jun.2020 Jun.2019 . . .
KD4OFG Jackie Little Renew Dec.2019 Feb.1992 . . .
KO4TXN Steve Lovett Current Jul.2021 Jun.2020 New
KK4NNQ Mark MacAllister Current Aug.2021 Aug.2013 . . .
KK4VOU Albert May Current Dec.2020 Dec.2019 New
KN4BTI Mark McClish Current Aug.2021 Aug.2018 . . . Public Service, antennas
KN4PTU Charles McComas Current Jun.2021 Oct.2019 New
N1LN Bruce Meier Current Feb.2021 Jul.2006 . . . Antennas, ARES, Contesting, CW, DX, Field Day, Public Service, SSB, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m
N1YXU Laurie Meier Current Feb.2021 Jul.2006 . . . ARES, CERT, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service
WB1AJJ Jonathan Meigs Current Oct.2021 Sep.2020 New Antennas, APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, CW, DMR, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, QRP (Low Power), Remote Station Ops, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, Satellite Ops, SDR, SSB, Vintage Radio, 40m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm, PI/Arduino
KK4VUR John Mitchell Current Jan.2021 Jan.2017 . . .
N6WJM Jim Musson Renew May.2020 Apr.2019 . . . Build, HF Station, Wire Antenna
W4AEN Ed Neely Current May.2021 May.2019 . . . Antennas, APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, Digital, DX, Field Day, Foxhunting, 80m, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m Decision, Install, Wire Antenna, Feedline, Grounding
KX4UZ George Oberlander Renew Oct.2020 Oct.2019 New Antennas
KJ4GDX John Oberlin Current May.2021 Apr.2020 New
KN4QOT David Parker, Jr. Current Dec.2020 Dec.2018 . . . APRS, Auxcomm, Contesting, Digital, DX, Field Day, Mobile Ops, Public Service, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, SOTA, antennas
KV4ZR Loren Peters Current Dec.2021 Jul.2014 . . . CW, Digital, DX, QRP (Low Power), Remote Station Ops, Satellite Ops, SDR, SSB, 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm
KN4GUM Nan Pincus Current Aug.2021 Aug.2020 New
KK4MEK David Pollock Renew Dec.2019 Mar.2013 . . .
KG4CFX Chris Pope Current Apr.2021 Jan.2001 . . . APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, DMR, Field Day
KU4GC Dee Ramm Current Feb.2022 Jul.1997 . . . Antennas, Digital, DX, paper chase
WB4OSU Sherri Rapp Current Aug.2021 Dec.2015 . . . Digital, Field Day, 40m, PSK-31, FT-8
N4KW Pete Raymond Current Apr.2021 Apr.2018 . . . Antennas, Contesting, CW, DX, Field Day, 160m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 15m, antennas
KN4VXC Leo Reynolds Renew Aug.2020 Aug.2019 . . .
N2XZF Paul Robertson Current Apr.2021 Apr.2014 . . . Antennas, DX, Field Day, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, 20m, 10m Wire Antenna
WA4BVY Terry Rogers Expiring Oct.2019 Oct.2009 . . .
N0VAT Mike Schinsky Current May.2021 May.2020 New
KE4LYK Charles Schoon Renew May.2020 May.2017 . . . Contesting, DX, Field Day, Public Service, Repeaters, Repeater Crew, antennas, mobile, 3D art software, computer programming, electronics, politics
KD4UCZ Charles Schott Current Sep.2021 Sep.2019 . . . Antennas, Digital, Field Day, Satellite Ops, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m
KD4AGQ Dan Sears Current Apr.2021 Oct.1992 . . .
NE4U John Shadle Lifetime May.2007 . . .
K4BMW Brian Shanahan Current Jul.2021 Jun.2020 New
KR3AM Mark Sidell Current May.2021 Apr.2014 . . .
K4SAR Joe Simpson Renew Mar.2020 Oct.1992 . . .
K4PHS Peter Slugg Current May.2021 Feb.2009 . . . Digital, Field Day, QRP (Low Power), SSB, 40m, 30m, 20m, 6m
W4SAR Dave Snyder Renew Apr.2020 Oct.1992 . . .
KD4YJZ Karen Snyder Renew Apr.2020 Oct.1992 . . . ARES, CERT, Field Day, Nets/Net Control, Public Service, 10m Operate
W1KES Keith Stouder Current Mar.2021 Jan.2015 . . . CW, DX, Field Day, SOTA, SSB, 40m, 20m
KA2SBC Kathleen Stowell Current Jan.2021 Dec.2009 . . .
K1ZW Larry Stowell Current Jan.2021 Dec.2009 . . .
KA1HPM Nick Szydlek Current Nov.2020 Jun.2015 . . .
KJ4VWG Sam Tannous Current May.2021 Apr.2011 . . . APRS, ARES, Contesting, Digital, Remote Station Ops, SDR, ADS-B, Radio Astronomy, NEC2 Internals
WA4AHR Dewey Thompson Current Dec.2021 Oct.1992 . . .
W4AIR Daryl Thompson Current Jul.2021 Jun.2018 . . . Antennas, DX, Mobile Ops, Public Service, 20m
KN4ZHP Mike Thorn Current Jan.2021 Jan.2020 New Antennas, APRS, Auxcomm, CERT, Digital, DMR, DX, Public Service, QRP (Low Power), SDR, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio Install, Operate, Wire Antenna
KN4VXB Aurora Toennisson Current Jun.2022 Jun.2019 . . . APRS, CERT, Public Service, Attended Meeting to Learn about Ham Radio Build, Fix, Install, Operate, Want classes teaching ham radio
KA2DEW Tadd Torborg Current Aug.2021 Jul.2007 . . . Repeaters, Vhf Packet Radio
KN4EOO Richard Wenklar Current Aug.2021 Aug.2017 . . . APRS, ARES, Auxcomm, CERT, DMR, Mobile Ops, Public Service
KA5ETS Doug White Current Mar.2021 Aug.2011 . . . CW, Digital, antennas, FT8
KW4JY Calvin Whitt Current May.2021 Aug.1992 . . . digital, antennas
KO4BHX Ben Williams Current Mar.2021 Mar.2020 New Antennas, APRS, CW, Digital, DX, Field Day, Foxhunting, QRP (Low Power), Remote Station Ops, Satellite Ops, SDR
K4FD Dan Wise Current Dec.2021 Nov.2019 New Packet Radio
KG4PFB Lisa Woodward Current Dec.2020 Nov.2001 . . .
K3VSA Woody Woodward Current Dec.2020 Nov.2001 . . .
W4LMW David Wright Renew Jun.2020 May.2018 . . . Antennas, ARES, Field Day, Mobile Ops, Public Service, SDR, 2m Install, Operate, Mobile Unit, Tower, 2m
W4KIL Andy Yates Current Feb.2021 Oct.2008 . . .
AI4MW Tommy Yeager Current Mar.2021 Jan.1999 . . .
K4AAI Jay Zaragoza Renew Jun.2020 Jun.2019 . . . Antennas, SSB, Vintage Radio Beam Antenna, Wire Antenna, Connectors, Grounding, Tower, Getting back on air


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Monthly Club Membership Meeting October 12, 2020

OCRA Secretary: Bill, N8BR


Monthly Membership Meeting – October 12. 2020 – 7:30 pm

Platforms Utilized: OCRA UHF Repeater and Zoom.


OPENING REMARKS (N1LN): Good evening all. I am serving as host this evening in place of W4SAR, David, our club president who is presently unavailable. Before we begin, I want to review the following “house-keeping” items:

  1. The majority of the membership present at this meeting are participating through the OCRA UHF repeater. However, some of our members do not have UHF equipment and are joining us via Zoom. I want to emphasize that the primary mode of participation in our meetings is via the club’s UHF repeater and all members are urged to use that platform if possible.
  2. Members should not use repeater or zoom time to test station function. That task should be performed before signing on to the net.
  3. For those of you coming aboard with zoom please keep in mind that it is linked to transmit/receive functions of the repeater and, as such, must comply with FCC requirements for station identification and general operation.
  4. The attendance at most of our club meetings is sufficiently large that it is important to keep individual input as brief as possible during the open round-tables so meeting time can be most efficiently utilized.
  5.  All net input and video are being recorded so that information presented can be accurately included in meeting minutes.


OCRA UHF REPEATER: KU4GC (Dee), WB1AJJ (Jonathon), W4CFO (Jim), KN4EOO (Richard), W4ORD (Ladd), KA1HPM (Nick), KM4MBG (Jack), KF4PAB (Lenore), K2RRT (Mark), KZ1X (Steve), N2XZF (Paul), KN4ZHP (Mike), KO4DHJ (Ken), KR4UB (Dan), and W4BOH (Wilson).

ZOOM: N8BR (Bill), NA4VY (Dave), KN4VXB (Aurora), W4SAR (David), KD4YJZ, (Karen), KN4QBZ (Fred), and KR4UB, (Dan).

TREASURER’S REPORT (Dan KR4UB): Current Club Membership stands at 115 (85 current active paid up members, 28 requiring renewal, 2 expiring, and 4 pending applications awaiting completion (dues). Twenty-six new members have been added during the past 12 months.


Northern Section (Dan, KR4UB): We have been hosting repairs for the 145.230 machine preparing it to go back on the air. Southern Section (Nick, KA1HPM): We have been working on our repeater and it should be up and running by the end of the month. Chatham EOC is getting building permits and firming up orders for new towers. Construction should begin in December and be completed by the end of January.


KN4VXB (Aurora): The presentation tonight is about the recently founded OCRA Ham Pi group, a collection of hams who are interested in microcomputers such as raspberry Pi and Arduino as well as other single board computers and their possible applications in amateur radio. To date this group is comprised of 8-12 folks who have met together twice during the past couple of months. About half of the group is made up of new hams and the other half are more experienced folks. The projects they’re working on include a PTT switch for Zoom meetings, a QCX CW SDR transceiver with an antenna system and various power converters. If you are interested in joining this group please email Aurora.


KU4GC (Dee): Not much ham activity this time around. We are still disposing of lots of things from our clean-up and reorganization efforts. Many items have been contributed to the Scrap Exchange.

WB1AJJ (Jon): Not much new here. Work is chaotic and has been taking much of my time. I did manage to get the ICOM 6-meter rig repaired. I suggest more “show and tell” presentations for our meetings, but they are tough to arrange with Covid 19.

W4CFO (Jim): Has been working on a number of repeater projects with Dan and Nick.

KN4EOO (Richard): Has been working on his tractor. It dropped a rear wheel and had to be repaired. A lot of antifreeze was spilled in the process. He is in the process of testing the tractor. In addition he is also taking radio classes (EC16 and BR 101).

KA1HPM (Nick): Managed to get together with his extended family on the beach at Emerald Isle. He set up his HF rig with a Ham Stick antenna for 80 meters on the third floor balcony of their house. Using that gear he was able to access the Sunday night net that originates in Birmingham, Alabama. Additionally, he announced to us that The American Red Cross will be hosting an emergency drill in November which he will attend along with ~250 other participants.

KM4MBG (Jack): In his comments Jack stresses the fact that with the pandemic he is not doing a lot with ham radio, and places emphasis on the projects he wishes he was working on rather than telling us what projects he is actually doing. Among the things he mentioned was the fact that the pandemic is allowing him to spend more time at home and that has provided him with opportunities to do more cooking and more work with the nets. Noteworthy among his homebrew cuisines was a pasta dish with eggplant sauce which he and Lenore considered to be quite good. On the ham front he reports that he has received a shipment of parts for a field programmable gate array that he will be assembling shortly. Jack would like to have presentations on the new modes that are available for hams..

KF4PFB (Lenore): Among her comments Lenore reports that in the recent past she had not been very much involved with ham radio. On the other hand, she has spent more time working at home and taking cooking classes.

K2RRT (Mark): Mark is a new ham and is looking for a good antenna system for his rig. He has also obtained the parts to build a “shari” which is an all star link to put on the Pi 4. In addition, Mark is interested in linked repeaters and would like to talk to any club members who share that interest and understand how these systems work.

KZ1X (Steve): Steve is in the process of rebuilding his ham shack. This will be a major task that involves tearing down walls and performing a complete over haul of his space. In addition, he is planning a major addition to his tower including several new antennas.

N2XZF (Paul): Built a 10 meter J Pole antenna which worked very well. He also helped Dan KR4UB sort out the various signal ground pins on the Kenwood repeater external connector interface which as it turns out, all go to a common internal grount point (LOL!)

NA4VY (Dave): It is time to get up additional wire antennas, especially for 80 meters. Was out of town in Michigan last week and flew in a hot air balloon, While cleaning his basement found found a ten meter transceiver and antenna that he is willing to give to anyone needing HF gear. Suggested topic for presentations: Let the senior members of the club recall how they got involved in ham radio.

KN4ZHP (Mike): Has had success using Win-Link which would help with Red Cross exercises.

KO4DHJ (Ken): Checked into many nets. Is planning to move stuff from his shop and rebuild the shed.

KN4VXB (Aurora): 1. Has been active in the Ham Pi Group, 2. Learning to solder cables, 3. making a prototype Fox transmitter, 4. Learning ways to use Raspberry Pi to control cameras that are used in her graduate research, and 5. Learning to wind toroids.

W4SAR (David): Celebrated his 40th anniversary. Is preparing certificates for Field Day participants. Announced that holiday party plans coming soon. Thanked Bruce for being master of ceremonies for this meeting.

KB4YJZ (Karen): Eating lots of delicious seafood during her anniversary celebration with David.

KN4QBZ (Fred): 1. We’ve had our 50th anniversary and my wife again reminded me that there is no guarantee about what the future will bring so we gotta keep things going!! 2. Folks who are familiar with Winlink are a real asset for the Red Cross emergency exercise and their help would be most appreciated. A discussion of this process would be a good topic for another club program! 3. With regard to “Richard’s comments above about the tire leaking antifreeze solution—the solution for any pollution is dilution—that stuff is CaCl and it is toxic for grass. Dilution and flushing with water is the best way to take care of it!

N1LN (Bruce): As most club members are aware, over the past couple of years Bruce has been down sizing his contest antenna farm from a 4-tower monster with multiple monoband yagi’s to a smaller more manageable but almost equally powerful system using just two towers, each supporting a large multiband yagi. This has not only reduced the complexity of the overall antenna layout, but also the amount of both general maintenance and climbing required to keep the station in good repair. In addition, he has also reconfigured the indoor component of his station so it now houses one principal contest operating position instead of two. The equipment from the former second position has been replaced with a Heathkit DX-60 transmitter, HG-10 VFO and Hammarlund HQ129X receiver to be used for “pleasant memories from days of yore” type operating.

On a downside, the new antenna arrangement has caused some issues with Bruce’s management of the 10 meter OCRA net. Specifically, in the original system which utilized two or three 10 meter monoband yagis stacked together on a single tower it was possible for him to cover two or three different directions at the same time using a stack match. However, with the new set up in order to cover two different directions using multiband yagi antennas on separate towers requires switching rf from the antenna on one tower to another one pointed in a different direction on another tower, To make the process simpler and more efficient Bruce has built a switching/matching system that permits him to simultaneously drive the 10 meter functions of the two antennas pointed in different directions at the same time. The system has been put into operation and is now working as hoped.

KR4UB (Dan): Dan has ordered a Pi 4 and is looking forward to using it. He is also hosting the 145.230 repeater build. In addition, he and Mark KR3AM have been instrumental in the development and implementation of the hybrid repeater/Zoom platform OCRA has currently been using for its club membership to access virtual meetings during the COV 19 pandemic. Under most circumstance the preferred mechanism for accessing non face-to-face club meetings would be only via the repeaters. But, given the significant number of folks who do not have vhf and uhf equipment to access these machines the hybrid platform can be effectively used,

Dan has also been managing the implementation of the hybrid format. And, while it has been effective in bringing club members together during these difficult times, it has been eminently clear that its effectiveness depends on club members’ efforts to learn and practice the procedures necessary to successfully use it. To address that issue Dan is recommending that all potential users go to the club website and select any one of the following three buttons: (Members), (Meetings) or (Nets), and read the article “About OCRA Club Meetings, Nets and Zoom. Questions about any of this information may be addressed to Dan

W4BOH (Wilson): Wilson is anxious to have show and tell back! He is willing to present a show and tell about his restoration of a 1934 Chevy truck.

W4ORD (Ladd): Lost several trees in the storm and while dropping one of them took out his antenna. He will need help pitting the antenna back up. The exchange club is still available for a Christmas party.




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