KWM-1 Restoration Project Presentation Video

Many thanks to John (KX4P) for his amazing presentation on his KWM-1 restoration project!  John’s presentation was part of the March 15, 2022 OCRA Membership Meeting.  If you missed the presentation or would like to see it again, be sure to click on the link below.



Laurie Meier, N1YXU

OCRA Secretary

Bug Refurb – Another Piece from the Old Novice Station

from Bruce, N1LN

Another piece of the old novice station finished today.   The bug is one that my long ago SK uncle, W2NAD, gave me after I first got my ticket.  Since then I modified it into a paddle to use with a keyer I built from the ARRL book, Understanding Amateur Radio.

Now about 56 years later, it is a bug again!

© 2024 photo by N1LN, OCRA Inc

I lost the original weights so I made one out of a large galvanized bolt.   I cut the head off with a hack saw, drilled it / tapped it and DONE!

© 2024 photo by N1LN, OCRA Inc

He also let me borrow his HQ-129X, which is why I purchased one to go with my DX60 / HG10 combo.