N1LN Field Day – 2020 Audio Recording of Laurie

This article posted after 2020 Field Day contains some very useful information about “Running” and excellent example of Laurie N1YXU controlling the run to achieve maximum contacts

Because we could not get together this year for a club Field Day weekend, Laurie and I decided to participate from home in the 1D classification.   We would only use one station and take turns operating with Laurie operating SSB and me operating CW. We would run 100 watts and band selections would change based on time of day and propagation.  We had a great time and made lots of QSOs.  When it was all over I ended up with more CW QSOs, but we pretty much attribute that to on-the-air time.  We were on the air for a total of 18 hours.  I was on for 11.5 hours and Laurie was on for 6.5 hours.  During that time we mostly RAN (we called CQ and other stations called us) but did some S/P (Search and Pounce – calling other stations that were calling CQ).  Running is much more effective to get the QSO count up.  To that point, we ended up with a tie for one key metric.  In the QSO/Hour metric we both had a maximum rate of 144.  Perhaps some of you have “run” before and some of you are hesitant to give it a try.  There are a couple of key factors when running.  First, don’t assume it is mandatory to copy the call of the station calling first time.  You can ask for repeats, clarifications, or whatever may be needed to copy and accurate exchange of information.  Second, you are in control of the speed, what station you come back to, etc.  Listen to this recording and hopefully you will hear how easily Laurie manages the pile-up.  At this time her rate is 135 QSO/hr.  It is only 4 minutes – enjoy!

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Bruce N1LN

OCRA members and Club contribute to Bouvet DXpedition

With the interest expressed by OCRA members to provide some level of contribution toward the upcoming Bouvet Island DXpedition, OCRA facilitated member donations and provided a matching contribution up to a $200 maximum.

Member donations came  to a total of $210 plus the club $200 matching donation for a total of $410 donated to Bouvet Island DXpedition. The individual donors are (from the largest to the smallest were:

    • N8BR
    • NC4CX
    • KJ4UZU
    • W4BOH
    • KR4UB
    • KA1HPM
    • W4KIL
    • KA5JUJ

From Bob K4UEE Bouvet DXpedition:
We depart for Bouvet in under two weeks now, and the excitement level among the 20 team members is very high. Thank you for your financial help in making this historic DXpedition happen.
73, Bob-K4UEE

and…. OCRA’s logo is now on the Bouvet DXpedition website as a supporter

Further details regarding contributions, news and updates on the expedition can be found at https://www.bouvetdx.org/

OCRA member Tucker, W4FS and Sam, KI4TRG of Raleigh receive QCWA Scholarships

In the December 2017 issue of the QCWA Journal, it was announced that Tucker McGuire, W4FS of Efland, and Sam Brewer, KI4TRG of Raleigh, received QCWA 2017 Scholarships. Tucker W4FS is a junior at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro pursuing a career in information technology with a focus on data analytics. Sam KI4TRG is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina – Asheville pursuing a degree in Mechatronics, a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering.