Herb, N4HA wins Third Prize in the ARRL 2017 Antenna Design Competition for his 20M Two-Element Wire “IV” Beam

A week ago, at the Pittsboro Virlie’s Grill ham’s breakfast, Herb Allred, N4HA, mentioned he had entered an antenna design competition and been awarded 3rd place. We all congratulated him.

Nick, KA1HPM, found Herb’s name in the latest issue of QST. What he discovered was that Herb had placed 3rd in the 2017 ARRL Antenna Design Competition for “80 through 10 Meter” antennas ! His design was for “A 20-Meter Two-Element Wire ‘IV’ Beam.”

See QST, November 2017, page 45.

This is a significant accomplishment with a cash award and possibility of publication !

Congratulation Herb!