Silent Keys

Our Silent Keys:
In Amateur Radio parlance, a “Silent Key” is a ham who has passed away.  We remember these operators – family members, friends, and mentors – who remain with us now only in spirit.  Every New Year’s Eve, we convene the OCRA Silent Keys Net so that these names and callsigns can be heard over the air once more:
Callsign: Name: Remembered As:
AE4EC Edwin Lappi Former member, OCRA, PVRC, Knightlites
KC1I Lawrence J. George Former OCRA member
K1MYF William B. Simmons Friend of Wayne Estabrooks, KJ4GDW
KA4ZBJ Sharon K. Rogers Wife of Terry Rogers WA4BVY
KB4TYF Aubrey Liles Grandfather of Tanner Lovelace, KB4TYE
KE4HIH Rhett George Husband of Joanna, KE4QOZ, Past DFMA President, long time Possum Trott Net Control
KE4QOZ Joanna George Husband of Rhett KE4HIH, Gracious host of DFMA Annual Picnic at their QTH
KE4QAW Marvin Couch Father of René Couch, AI4WJ
KF2LA L. George Ferrer Father of Chris Ferrer, N2JFP
KG4GRY C. Douglas Pope Father of Chris Pope, KG4CFX
KI4QXO John Forrest Active OCRA member since 2006
KJ4SO William “Woody” Winstead Charter member of Triangle ATV Association
K4NGJ Byron King Active Raleigh ham and biker
K4RSI Paul Jacokes Friend and Elmer of Lad Carrington, W4ORD
K4XRM Randy McCray Durham County ARES EC
N4JHW Joseph H. Wentz Sr Former DFMA Member
N4ZAK Robert Little Husband of Jackie KD4OFG, OCRA Charter Member & Long Time DFMA Member
NE4T Gaynell P. Collins Longtime Possum Trot Net Control
WA2UNN Clark Fishman Elmer of Steve Jackson, KZ1X
W2LOO Walter Parker Great Uncle of Steve Jackson, KZ1X
W3HJ Robert Dickenson Elmer of Steve Jackson, KZ1X
W3JCU James P. Fleming Elmer of Woody Woodward, K3VSA
W4FAL Frank A. Lynch SERA Technical Specialist
W4BOH Wilson C. Lamb Father of Wilson Lamb, W4BOH
W4DGJ George McBride Former OCRA member, FOC member
W4MKR Mary K. (MK) Ramm Wife of Dee Ramm, KU4GC and DFMA member, treasurer & OCRA Member
N1XPB Karl C. Ramm Son of Dee (KU4GC) and M.K. (W4MKR) Ramm
W4MUF Hy Mansberg Formerly W2MUF, an OCRA Charter Member
W4OEJ Charles Wade Foust Grandfather of Robbie Foust, KI4TTZ
W7PLJ Kenneth H. Noel Grandfather of Rob Noel, W7PLJ
WA4LZD Ermon (“The Judge”) Godwin Founder of the Possum Trot Net
WN8QIC George Pinkel Benefactor and original owner of Tucker McGuire’s, KK4UNZ, radio
KF4QYY Joseph Fields Former DFMA Member


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