Apply for OCRA Interest Registry Listing

For Non OCRA Members wishing to list their Ham Radio Interests:

Recently the ham interests/assistance needed registry on this web site has been opened up to licensed non OCRA members who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Durham FM Association Club Membership
  • Current or future planned participation in OCRA, DFMA or Chatham AuxComm training and emergency exercise activity.
  • Current or future planned participation in the combined OCRA/DFMA ARRL Field Day Event

Licensed amateurs, not a member of the OCRA, but desiring to list their interests may do so by submitting the required Information below, or by attending the next OCRA or DFMA meeting and complete an interest/assistance needed sheet and also an OCRA/DFMA Field Day participation sign up sheet.

Complete the required information fields below, then Click the “Save & Verify” button at the bottom of this page to create your initial profile
Verify “Update Successful” appears just below this message; Any fields in error will be encircled in Red

Additional instructions will follow on the next screen

Recent Posts

Interested in Ham PI Group?

Fellow hams,

At the fox hunt last weekend, one of the new hams, Nan (KN4GUM) asked if there were folks interested in radio + microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone (which Nan has experience with), and Arduino. I said I had done a little bit of non-radio work with Arduinos and was very interested in learning more about it and Raspberry Pi. I’ve also really enjoyed the virtual antenna build days we’ve had and would like to continue with something similar.

Would anyone else be interested in forming a “Ham Pi” group? We could meet virtually once a month on Saturday afternoons to spend about 30 minutes discussing our latest microcontroller projects and swap tips, and then work on projects with others for virtual company for about an hour. Once Covid is over, we could also start meeting in person, if desired. I am very interested in learning to make a Raspberry Pi based APRS igate, and Arduino-based beacons/foxes.

Let me know if you would be up for some Ham Pi!


Aurora (KN4VXB)

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