Member Photo Gallery Upload Procedure

The photograph upload process is available to all OCRA members listed in the membership database.  To access this feature, a club member will need to use their Private Access Link to open a secure connection to their membership data listing as shown below. That access page is now titled as shown below.

Once you are in your own membership access page, scroll down the membership information listing until you see the fields below. There are actually two fields that permit photograph upload, the first being the Personal/Shack Photo field, which has been available from the beginning with the new website.

The text explains that the “Browse” button is for uploading a single personal/shack photo.

The Ham Event Photos is the new multi-photo field that has just been added. ; The blue “Select Files” button is the new feature to upload multiple photos to the recently added photo gallery.

Clicking on the blue “Select Files” button will open a “File Upload” explorer window on your computer. Here you will navigate to the images stored on your computer that you wish to upload, select it, and then click on the “open” button to start the upload process.

The upload will start and the progress bar below the photograph will tell you when it is complete.

After the upload process is 100% complete as indicated by the progress bar,  there is one more step that must be done for the uploaded images to be stored in the website media library.

Scroll down to “Save Your Changes” and click on the SAVE button. This same button for saving any member data changes must also be clicked to save any uploaded images.

The completes the process for members uploading photos.

Uploaded member photos will not be visible until an OCRA website administrator attaches your photos to the photo gallery. The site automatically notifies an administrator of your recently uploaded photos for the gallery.