Field Day Sign Up Summary – Last Year

2020 Field Day Cancelled…. Keeping the participant data for 2021….

Want to plan waa…ay ahead? Update the Field Day Year setting in your profile to “2021”

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Volunteers in multiple roles (e.g. station op, FD setup & food) are counted multiple times, once in each role

Station Operators CW: 6, SSB: 16, WSJT: 8, PSK31: 5 ; Bonus Points: 7 ; Friday Setup: 16, Saturday Setup: 15, Sunday Take Down: 15 ; Meal Helpers: 13

Call Sign1st Name_Station__Band_Plan_ _Comm_Mode__Saturday_ _Operator__Sunday_ _Operator__Bonus_Pts__Site_Setup_ _Take_Down__Set_ _Up__Take_ _Down__Field_Day_ _Meal_Assist__Specific_Field_Day_ _Meal_Helper_Role_
N1LN Bruce CW-3_MCU Stn_Captain, 80M, 40M, 20M, 15M, 10M, CW Morning Towers Fri, Sat Sun
N4KW Pete CW-3_MCU 80M, 40M, 20M, 15M, 10M, CW Where CW Capt wants me Where CW Capt wants me Where needed Fri, Sat Sun
W4BOH Wilson CW-3_MCU 40M, 20M, 15M, CW CW Band where needed Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sun Fri_Potluck Cook
W1KES Keith CW-3_MCU CW Evening Morning Youth Ops Towers Fri
W3AHL Steve 80M__SSB Stn_Captain, 80M, SSB Any Time Any Time Section Msg Towers Fri, Sat Sun
WA4UJM Wally 80M__SSB 80M, SSB late night Sat Sun
K4SAR Joe 40/15_SSB Stn_Captain, 40M, 15M, SSB
KV7D Adriano 40/15_SSB 40M, 15M, SSB
W4ORD Lad 20M__SSB Stn_Captain, 20M, SSB
KE4UVJ Don 20M__SSB 20M, SSB Ice
N2JBI Paul 20M__SSB 20M, SSB
NA4VY David 10M_Barn Stn_Captain, 10M, SSB, WSJT 10m Stn Setup Fri Sun
KN4SVO John 10M_Barn 10M, 6M, WSJT Gnd_Rods, Available for All Setup Activities Fri, Sat Sun Fri_Potluck, Sat_Dinner, Sun_Bkfast
N2XZF Paul 10M_Barn 10M, SSB, WSJT Any Time Any Time Gnd_Rods, 10m Stn Setup, General Help Fri, Sat Sun General Help
KR4UB Dan 10M_Barn 10M, WSJT After Noon, Evening, Over Night Mid Day Aux Pwr, 10/6M Stns (Equip, 12VDC, Ant Setup) Fri, Sat Sun Sat_Dinner, Sun_Bkfast Plan, Buy, Chairs/Tables
KA5ETS Doug 6M__Barn Stn_Captain, 6M, CW, SSB, WSJT
KN4PTU Charles 6M__Barn 6M, SSB, WSJT Any Time Morning
N8BR Bill 6M__Barn Stn_Equip Towers, 10/6M Ant Setup,Equip feedlines,rope,rotors,tower base
WB4OSU Sherri Acc_Station Stn_Captain, 80M, SSB, PSK31
KF4PAB Lenore Acc_Station 80M, 10M, SSB, PSK31 After Noon, Evening Morning Gov Official
KM4MBG Jack Acc_Station 80M, 10M, SSB, PSK31 Evening, Over Night Available for all tasks Fri, Sat Sun
W4SAR Dave Acc_Station Stn_Captain, 40M, PSK31 Any Time Any Time Safety Officer Towers Fri, Sat Sun
KG4CFX Chris Multiple_Stn 80M, 40M, 20M, 15M, 10M, 6M, SSB, WSJT, PSK31 Any Time Any Time Served Agency, Youth Ops
W4AEN Ed Multiple_Stn 80M, 40M, 20M, 15M, SSB, WSJT Any Time Solar, Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sun Fri_Potluck Cook
KN4JYP Kathy After Noon Morning Satellite, Solar Pwr Solar Fri, Sat Sun Sat_Dinner Chairs/Tables
KV4ZR Loren Lge Battery, Aux Pwr, Solar, Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sun Fri_Potluck, Sat_Dinner
KU4GC Dee Education, Info Table Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sat_Dinner, Sun_Bkfast Plan, Ice, Water_Soda
K4AAI Jay Setup & Take Down Food
KM4MDR John Coordinate, Fri_Potluck Plan, Chairs/Tables, Cook, Water_Soda
KE4QOZ Joanna Fri_Potluck, Sat_Dinner
Jean Sat_Dinner, Sun_Bkfast Plan, Buy
KM4DNU Peter Sat_Dinner, Sun_Bkfast Prep, Cook, Cleanup
KN4QCC Onda Sat Sun Sat_Dinner, Sun_Bkfast Cook
KD4YJZ Karen Fri_Potluck
KM4LCW Gretta Prep, Cook
KA2WDL Philip Available 9am Fri

New Station Acyronyms

  • CW-3_MCU – the 3 CW stations in the MCU
  • Multiple_Stn – signed up for operating at multiple stations
  • Acc_Station – Accessibility Station (in Garage)
  • WSJT includes FT4, FT8, JT4, JT9, JT65 & other digital modes

Field Day Documents

Name Description Author Last Modified Version Downloads
Name Description Author Last Modified Version Downloads
2019 CW Operators schedule
If you are a CW Op and would like to participate in the OCRA/DFMA Field Day, please check out the open time slots / bands and send me an email. Thanks and 73, Bruce N1LN 09-06-2019 6:37 1.0 124 downloads
2019 Field Day CW Equipment List

CW Stations Planning - Equipment List for 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10M Stations - Contact Bruce N1LN for questions or updates

Bruce, N1LN 13-05-2019 15:05 2.0 166 downloads

Screen capture copy of the Field Day sign up options accessibile via sign up member profiles. Formatted for hardcopy print.

Dan, KR4UB 13-05-2019 15:07 1.0 178 downloads
Field Day Power Line Filter for an Inverter Generator

Using an inverter based generator for Field Day? You will most likely need a power line RF filter to avoid ham band interference. Check your generator & plan ahead.

16-02-2020 10:11 1.0 46 downloads
N1MM+Training Version 2.0

V2.0 N1MM + Training - Band Captains please have a copy available at your stations; Recommended reading for all operators

10-06-2019 12:39 2.0 131 downloads

Document Author Upload Log In:

Recent Posts

Who were those masked folks at the August 1st Foxhunt?

Thanks to Aurora, KN4VXB for coordinating and inspiring all to participate in a Foxhunt, Saturday August 1st!

But who were those masked men and women? Well none arrived riding a fiery horse with the speed of light but they were chasing some RF traveling at the speed of light!

Pictured left to right above are the participants in the on-foot foxhunt  Joe K4SAR, Ben KO4BHX, Dan KR4UB, Aurora KN4VXB, Nan KN4GUM, Steve KZ1X and Boyd, awaiting a VE session.

Thanks to Steve KZ1X for preparing and hiding his fox transmitter for the on-foot event.

Aurora KN4VXB with her tape measure yagi antenna.

Joe, K4SAR Hi Ho Silver! I think I’ve found a fox!

Boyd with his  yagi antenna

Aurora KN4VXB, Nan KN4GUM, Joe K4SAR, Dan KR4UB and Mark, KR3AM (not in photo) enjoyed a great conversation on their diverse interests after completion of the fox hunt driving event. Dan was “the fox” in the driving event.

comments about the event…

I am pleased to dub the Fox Hunt Event held yesterday as a success! I would like to extend a big thanks to Steve (KZ1X) for preparing and hiding his fox transmitter for the on-foot event and to Dan (KR4UB) for being “the fox” for the driving event. Thanks also to the folks who came out to participate in the hunt. We had seven participants in the on-foot event and five in the vehicle based event, including several new hams. If folks want to do this again, I’d be happy to organize another one in the spring. Aurora, KN4VXB

Thanks very much for the pictures Nan. And also to Aurora, Dan and everyone for making this Foxhunt such a fun and educational event on Saturday. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and learned a lot along the way. Not just about radio but compasses too. Ben, KO4BHX

So many thanks to Aurora and the other hams at the hunt yesterday. I had an incredible time and learned so much! I was deeply appreciative of the welcoming and collaborative atmosphere. What a great group! Nan, KO4GUM

Thanks again Aurora for coordinating all this! I had a great time and enjoyed meeting a couple of new folks and seeing some old friends. Appreciated the iced coffee and snacks! Great job as the fox, Dan! Joe, K4SAR

and where did that spirited masked man music come from?

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