-OCRA December 9 Club Dinner Food Order Sign Up-

It’s that time of year again, when thoughts turn to falling colorful leaves, crisp mornings, bundling up on the porch at daybreak with a hot mug of coffee, and of course the OCRA Christmas Dinner.

The dinner is again at the Exchange Club building in Hillsborough, December 9th, doors open at 6pm, meal at 7pm and will be catered by the Hope Valley Diner. Some of us have eaten there and the food is excellent.

To keep the price low as possible at $20.00 for each adult meal and $5.00 per child (12 years & under) the amount of food ordered must closely match and be for those who pre-pay in advance. We can’t order extra food for an unknown number of possible last minute walk-ins without raising the cost for everyone.

To further help keep costs low, the caterer will not be providing desserts. So if you would like, bring your special dessert delicacy to share with others

To make pre-pay even easier, credit card Pre-Pay purchase buttons have been added at the bottom of this page. You can also bring cash and check payments to next Tuesday’s November 5th DFMA Club meeting, the November 11th OCRA Club meeting and to the BoJangles, Egg & I and Virlies Saturday morning breakfasts. Thanks for your support to keep prices low! See details below.



  • Roasted Salmon with dill, parsley, lemon, and olive oil
  • Roasted Rosemary Chicken (Mixed white and dark meat, bone in)


  • Vegetarian Dish
  • Cut Corn
  • Candied Yams
  • Southern Green Beans


  • Garden Salad

  • Rolls
  • Cornbread


  • Iced Tea – (Sweet/Unsweet)
  • Water
  • Coffee


  • To keep cost low, desserts not ordered from caterer
  • Bring your favorite dessert dish to share


New Policy this year – All meals MUST be pre-paid.
  • The number of meals to be ordered from Hope Valley Diner for this event will be determined by the number of pre-paid meals shown below.
  • The amount of food brought to the site for the buffet service will be determined by Hope Vally Dinner.
  • While in the past, there has been sufficient food for all, including walkin’s, there is no way to guarantee this.
  • Rather than run into this unfortunate situation, it is felt that pre-payment is the best solution. No walk-ins can be accepted this year.


Pre payment authorizes the club to buy food on your behalf and can be by cash, check or credit card via PayPal below. Meal orders must be received by OCRA by December 1st. If you pay and later find you must cancel, send an email to orange.county.radio.amateurs@gmail.org prior to the December 2nd food order date, and your payment will be refunded or, you can use it as a tax deductible donation to the club, or to extend your membership.

Meal Purchases by Credit Card can be made Here

Step 1. Select Adult Meals – $20.00 per Adult

  • Click “Add to Cart” to add Adult Meals
  • The “Shopping Cart” page will appear next; adjust the adult meal quantities to be purchased.
  • To add children’s meals, click “Continue shopping” (upper right hand corner) on the shopping cart page to return for Step 2 below.
  • Otherwise, verify your order is correct, then click “Check Out” to complete your purchase.

Vegetarian Meal

Step 2. Select Children’s Meals – $5.00 each Child 12 years & Under

  • Click “Add to Cart” to add Children’s Meals
  • You will then go to the shopping cart page.
  • Adjust the Children’s Meal quantities you wish to purchase.
  • Verify your order is correct, then click “Check Out” to complete your purchase.

Vegetarian Meal

Viewing the Shopping Cart

  • If you return from the “Shopping Cart” to this page, this button can get you back to the shopping cart.
  • Verify the meal quantities are correct in the shopping cart, then click “Check Out” to complete your purchase.
  • OR click “Continue shopping” if you need to return to this page.


As meal pre-payments are received by the OCRA Club treasurer, the list below will be frequently updated.

Call SignFirst NameAdults12 & UnderVeggie
KE4CA Clain 1 No
N4GF Roger 1 No
NA4VY David 2 No
N8BR Bill 1 No
Patricia 1 No
KM4MDR John 2 No
KA5JUJ Martin 1 Yes
Katherine 1 Yes
KK4BPH Mike 1 No
Sandy 1 No
KN4JYP Kathy 2 No
KR4UB Dan 1 No
Jean 1 No
KB1WE Wayne 1 No
Janet 1 No
WA4PSC Howie 1 No
Betsy 1 No
W4BOH Wilson 1 No
Dee Ann 1 No
N1LN Bruce 1 No
N1YXU Laurie 1 No
N2XZF Paul 1 No
W4SAR Dave 1 No
KD4YJZ Karen 1 No
KA1HPM Nick 1 No
Rosemary 1 No
KJ4VWG Sam 1 No
WA4AHR Dewey 1 No
K4AAI Jay 1 No
Molly 1 No

PrePaid Meal Totals : 33 Adult Dinners including 2 Veggie Meals and, 0 Children (12 & Under) Dinners

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