2019 OCRA/DFMA Combined Field Day

Join us on June 21st through June 23rd for another wonderful field day event on the grounds of W4BOH near Hillsborough. There is something of interest for almost everyone at our Field Day event. It is certainly an excellent opportunity to learn a wide range of skills relevant to emergency communications and amateur radio in general for new and experienced hams alike.  Field Day Photos from prior years, Join us this year!

There are multiple ways for you to express your field day interests areas you would like to participate in:

  1. Plan to attend the upcoming OCRA club meetings Monday May 13th, June 10th, and DFMA club meeting Tuesday, June 4th to express your interests and learn more about getting involved.
  2. If you already have a membership or interest profile on this website, you can indicate your field day participation interests by simply updating your profile.
    1. If you have misplaced your profile private access link, simply click on the OCRA website menu “Members” then “Retrieve Access Link” and the link will be sent to your email address listed in your profile.
    2. Once you have access to your profile, scroll down to the lower part of your profile and place a check mark and add any necessary text for your field day participation interest to be listed below. Click here for sample view
  3. Or any other way that works for you, e.g. use the “Click Here to Email OCRA” link on the right side of this page to send an email with your name, callsign and list of interests.

2019 Field Day Sign Up Summary

Volunteers in multiple roles (e.g. station op, FD setup & food) are counted multiple times, once in each role

CW: 4, SSB: 8, Digi: 2, VHF: 3, Bonus: 6, Fri Setup: 12, Sat Setup: 10, Take Down: 12 Food: 11

Call SignFirst NameStation Mode BandSaturday OperatorSunday OperatorBonus PointsField Day SiteSet UpTake DownField Day MealsMeal Volunteer Role
N1LN Bruce 80_CW, 40_CW, 20_CW, 15_CW, 10_CW Captain Towers Fri, Sat Sun
N4KW Pete 80_CW, 40_CW, 20_CW, 15_CW, 10_CW Where CW Capt wants me Where CW Capt wants me Where needed Fri, Sat Sun
KG4CFX Christopher 80_SSB, 40/15_SSB, 20_SSB, 10_SSB, VHF any time any time Served Agency Sun PrePay
W4AEN Ed 80_SSB, 40/15_SSB, 20_SSB, Digi any time Solar, Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sun Fri Potluck Cook
W4BOH Wilson 40_CW, 20_CW, 15_CW CW Band where needed Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sun Fri Potluck Cook
KR4UB Dan 10_SSB, Digi, VHF after noon, evening over night Satellite Aux Pwr, 10/6M Station Setup Fri Sun Sat 5pm Dinner, Sun 9AM Breakfast Plan, PrePay, Buy, Chairs/Tables
NA4VY David 10_SSB, VHF Captain 10m Stn Setup Fri Sun
W1KES Keith 80_CW evening morning Youth Ops Towers Fri
W3AHL Steve 80_SSB Captain, any time any time Section Msg Towers Fri, Sat Sun PrePay
K4SAR Joe 40/15_SSB Captain
KV7D Adriano 40/15_SSB
N2XZF Paul 10_SSB any time any time Gnd_Rods, 10m Stn Setup, General Help Fri, Sat Sun General Help
KN4JYP Kathy after noon morning Satellite, Solar Pwr Solar Fri, Sat Sun Sat 5pm Dinner PrePay, Chairs/Tables
KV4ZR Loren Lge Battery, Aux Pwr, Solar, Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sun Fri Potluck, Sat 5pm Dinner
KU4GC Dee Education, Info Table Gnd_Rods, Towers Fri, Sat Sat 5pm Dinner, Sun 9AM Breakfast Plan, PrePay, Ice, Water_Soda
Jean Sat 5pm Dinner, Sun 9AM Breakfast Plan, Buy
KN4QCC Onda Sat Sun Sat 5pm Dinner, Sun 9AM Breakfast Cook
KM4MDR John Fri Potluck Plan, Chairs/Tables, Water_Soda

Field Day Documents

Name Description Author Last Modified Version Downloads
Name Description Author Last Modified Version Downloads
New 2019 Field Day CW Equipment List

CW Stations Planning - Equipment List for 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10M Stations - Contact Bruce N1LN for questions or updates

Bruce, N1LN 13-05-2019 15:05 2.0 19 downloads

Screen capture copy of the Field Day sign up options accessibile via sign up member profiles. Formatted for hardcopy print.

Dan, KR4UB 13-05-2019 15:07 1.0 13 downloads

Saturday 5pm Dinner & Sunday Breakfast Meal Attendees Requested to Prepay to Keep Costs Low

Food Pre-Pay, done for the first time last year, was a great success in providing a firm count of of those attending Field Day meals, and ensuring that just right amount of food was purchased.

The festive DFMA/OCRA Friday Night Potluck is still FREE of course with attendees signing up to bring a tasty salad, vegetable, main courses and dessert.

For the June 22 Saturday 5PM Dinner & June 23 Sunday Breakfast…

OCRA and DFMA are asking attendees to prepay (the same price as always, $5.00 for each meal) at the Field Day June 22nd Saturday 5 PM Dinner and June 23rd Sunday Breakfast in order to have an accurate count. This keeps costs low and not have to ask members who do show up to pay a higher amount to cover those who do not. These payments also go to fund the availability of free bottled water during the Friday set up day.

Prepayment authorizes the club to buy food on your behalf and can be by cash or check payment at your convenience as described below. Vegetarian meals can be requested.  PayPal is not used as small payment cost is excessive. Based on the food purchase date, meal orders must be received by OCRA by June 17th. If you pay, and later must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, send an email to orange.county.radio.amateurs@gmail.com prior to the June 18th food order date, and your payment will be refunded or, you can use it as a tax-deductible donation to the club, or to extend your membership.

Making PrePay Easy

  • Using checks, or cash in an envelope as annotated below will help with record keeping (and refunds for timely cancellations). Checks and cash will be held and not deposited until food purchase. Cancellations received before food purchase will be refunded.
  • In addition to opportunities to pre pay by mail or at upcoming club meetings, the following OCRA/DFMA contacts at the Saturday morning breakfast locations below will accept your payment:
    • Payment to OCRA, P.O. Box 294, Carrboro, NC 27510
    • Each Saturday Ham Breakfast – June 1, 8, 15
      • Egg & I Chapel Hill on NC 54 East – Dan, KR4UB or M.K. W4MKR
      • Virlies Pittsboro TBD
      • BoJangles at Hillsborough – TBD
    • DFMA Club Meeting June 4, (TBD)
    • OCRA Meeting May 13 & June 10 (Dan, KR4UB)

Checks or cash in envelopes marked with the same information shown on the check below will help with record keeping  e.g. name, callsign, number attending dinner and breakfast meals, and preference for veggie meals.

Checking Receipt of your  Meal Sign up Status

As prepay checks and cash are received as described above, the OCRA website page at this link will be frequently updated  Field Day Meal Sign up Status

Thanks in advance for helping this part of Field Day to be a success!

2 thoughts on “2019 OCRA/DFMA Combined Field Day

  1. Hi..KN4QCC..learning ..Somewhere i saw that a cook was needed..id like to volunteer.

    • Thanks Onda! Sent you a more detailed email and hope you can join us for the OCRA Field Day meeting on June 10th Dan, KR4UB

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