2018 OCRA Christmas Dinner, moved to December 17th – Doors Open 6pm, Dinner 7pm still at the Hillsborough Exchange Club

2018 OCRA Christmas Dinner Meal Food Order Sign Up


Given the current severe weather forecast extending into Monday, the decision has been made to move the OCRA Christmas Dinner out one week to December 17th.

Cost is still $20 per adult and a $5 payment per child, ages 12 years and younger.

To have the most accurate information on the amount of food to order, pre-pay is still preferred. Refunds will be made if you must cancel, provided cancellation is received before the December 12th food purchase. If unable to prepay, pay at the door is OK too, but keep the club notified of any changes in your plans to attend. Thanks!


Pre payment authorizes the club to order food on your behalf and can be by cash or check. If you have Pre-paid and later find you must cancel, send an email to treasurer@ncocra.org prior to the December 12th food order date, and your payment will be refunded or, you can use it as a tax deductible donation to the club, or to extend your membership.

Call SignFirst NameLast NameAdults12 & Under
W3AHL Steve Ahlbom 1
NA4VY David Belt 1
N8BR William Bischoff 1
Patricia Bischoff 1
KA5JUJ Martin Brody 1
KK4BPH Mike Carwile 1
Sandy Carwile 1
KN4JYP Kathy Chavis 1
KI4RAN Bill, Pres & Kitty Creery 3
KR4UB Dan Eddleman 1
Jean Eddleman 1
KM4MBG Jack Hill 1
KF4PAB Lenore Hill 1
W4BOH Wilson Lamb 1
Dee Ann Lamb 1
N1LN Bruce Meier 1
N1YXU Laurie Meier 1
WA4UJM Wally Pasour 1
KU4GC Dee Ramm 1
W4MKR MK Ramm 1
N2XZF Paul Robertson 1
W4SAR Dave Snyder 1
KD4YJZ Karen Snyder 1
W1KES Keith Stouder 1
April, Emerson, Liam Stouder 1 2
W4KIL Andy Yates 1

Paid Meal Totals : 28 Adults ;   2 Children 12 & Under


 Plan to Attend, Pay at Door

Call SignFirst NameLast NameAdults12 & Under
W4ORD Lad Carrington 2
KZ1X Steve Jackson 2
WB4OSU Sherri Rapp 1
K4PHS Peter Slugg 1
KN4NEV Daryl Thompson 2

Pay at Door Totals : 8 Adults ; 0 Children 12 & Under



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