Virlie’s Grill – Breakfast of Champions get together Saturday May 21st

posted on the behalf of Herb N4HA by Dan, KR4UB

The breakfast group this morning welcomed a new face, Nick-KI4GND. He related his dealings with the homeowners committee where he lives and his success at convincing them that what the community needed was a nice three element yagi up a respectable distance.

Other topics covered were auto racing, model airplane flying, science fiction, reminiscences of working for the MAN, and scanning alternatives for video displays. A brief moment of reflection was observed for those who were at Dayton. (Other subjects may have been broached, but memory fails to serve.)

In attendance were: Roy, WA2JLC; Nick, KA1HPM; TOM, KJ4SIN; John, KK4VUR; Nick, KI4GND; and Herb, N4HA. Vlad, KK4MRE, made a cameo appearance as he was breakfasting with his kids.

73, hope to see you all soon.